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New US consortium to benefit food allergy scientists

Posted by SB Anderson on June 29th, 2005

From in Europe: “Keeping a pace with the rise in sufferers, new legislation enforced in the EU at the end of 2004 brought in considerable legal requirements to curb the risk for food allergy sufferers. Directive 2003/89/EC, amending Directive 2000/13, essentially means food makers must flag up on the food label possible allergens present in a food product.
In a bid to improve science’s understanding of food allergies, a new Food Allergy Research Consortium has been launched in the US”…Read the details here

Conn. governor signs bill to keep FA kids safe in lunchrooms

Posted by SB Anderson on June 29th, 2005

From Connecticut: “Gov. M. Jodi Rell has signed a bill requiring all state schools to adopt policies to keep children with food allergies safe, her office announced today”… Read more here

Read the Governor’s office press release here

Life-threatening allergies: One woman’s story

Posted by SB Anderson on June 28th, 2005

“Three years ago, Liz Newman was in a pub in Glasgow, having a drink with friends. All was going well, until a woman nearby opened a packet of dry roasted peanuts. Though the stranger was so far away that you wouldn’t be able to conduct a conversation with her at normal volume, tiny nutty particles managed to make their way across the room and down Newman’s gullet.
Within minutes she was unconscious on the floor”…Read more here

Woman raises money, awareness with coast-to-coast bike ride

Posted by SB Anderson on June 27th, 2005

From the Baltimore Sun: “A Maine woman is heading home after a coast-to-coast bike ride to raise awareness of celiac disease.Regina Erskine of Portland, Maine, completed the trip despite being hit by a truck in Arkansas. She fractured a vertebra in the accident, but continued on to Savannah, Ga., where she finished the ride June 22.Erskine raised $10,000 for the Center for Celiac Research in Baltimore, which she visited today”…Read more here

MA girls raise food allergy awareness, money

Posted by SB Anderson on June 25th, 2005

Massachusetts: “Georgiana Munick, Margaux Munick and Claire Breger-Belsky are like most 5-, 6- and 7-year-olds you know. They like gymnastics, dance class and hanging out with their friends at school. They also like miniature golf…They are holding “The Three Amigas Miniature Golf Fundraiser” at Rangeway Golf in Salisbury to raise money to support FAAN – the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network. You see, these three girls all have life-threatening nut allergies”…Check out this story here

New food allergy research consortium focuses on peanut allergy

Posted by SB Anderson on June 25th, 2005

From the National Institutes of Health: “The only advice doctors can give to the 4 percent of Americans with potentially life-threatening food allergies is to avoid the culprit food, often nuts or shellfish. But that may change as researchers in a new Food Allergy Research Consortium, announced today, strive to develop therapies to treat and prevent food allergy”…Read the details here

The chemistry of strawberry allergy

Posted by SB Anderson on June 25th, 2005

From “Not everyone can enjoy the fresh strawberries in summer. Some experience an allergic reaction with itching and swelling in mouth and throat. Biochemists at Lund University have identified a strawberry allergen among the thousands of proteins in a strawberry. Screening is now performed to find strawberries with no or little of the allergen protein. So far, a colourless, ’white’ strawberry variety has been found to be virtually free from the allergen”…Read the details here

With celiac disease, first exposure to cereal can make a difference

Posted by SB Anderson on June 25th, 2005

“Babies with a genetic predisposition for developing the intestinal disorder celiac disease may have a reduced risk if their first exposure to cereal protein occurs when they are four to six months of age.” — Read more from this story at

Columnist’s take on celiac study

Posted by SB Anderson on June 21st, 2005

From a health columnist at Boston’s Daily News: In a column a few months back I discussed celiac disease. There was a recent research article that addressed testing for celiac disease in children, and I wanted to dedicate today’s column to an update on this issue…Read more here

Parents worry over NJ’s plan to share school nurse

Posted by SB Anderson on June 21st, 2005

DEPTFORD TWP. — Denise Wolfe’s 6-year-old son has a severe allergy to peanuts, which is why she does not like the idea of his school not having a nurse for part of the day starting this fall…Read more here