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Rise in dog food intolerance raises concern about pet food companies

Posted by SB Anderson on October 31st, 2005

From “A major pet insurance company is leading calls for the pet food industry to apply clearer labelling to their products as a new study reports an increase in pets suffering food intolerances.” Read details here.

Country music star speaks to Congress for FA school bill

Posted by SB Anderson on October 31st, 2005

From PRnewswire: “Country star Trace Adkins traveled to Capitol Hill recently to help 11 million adults and children with food allergies. Adkins joined the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network’s (FAAN) Kids’ Congress on Capitol Hill, where children from 30 states met with their
representatives in Congress. Adkins and the FAAN junior ambassadors advocated for Federal funding for food allergy research and to express their support for the “Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Management Act,” a bill introduced by Representative Nita M. Lowey (NY) to establish food allergy guidelines for U.S. schools.” Read more here.

Four-year study delves into the mysteries of food allergies

Posted by SB Anderson on October 31st, 2005

From Belgium in Europa online: “Are people becoming more allergic to food? If so, what is causing our bodies to react, sometimes violently, to the very thing that is supposed to sustain us? Is there a difference between food intolerance and allergy? The first two questions are difficult to answer. So difficult, in fact, that it will take a four-year EU study, involving 54 partner organisations, to shed light on the subject.” Read the details here.

European agency issues update on food allergies

Posted by SB Anderson on October 31st, 2005

From France’s Bakery & Snacks: “Dealing with at least the major serious food allergens is an essential part of Good Manufacturing Practice, says the IFST [Institute of Food Science & Technology] in a summary of its information statement. On a punctual basis the IFST provides food scientists with information, advisory and policy statements, for general information and guidance, as well as to express ‘expert professional interpretation and opinion, on important food-related issues’.” Read more here.

Do you have celiac disease?

Posted by SB Anderson on October 31st, 2005

From the Phillipines’ SunStar: “Not many kids can imagine a world without cereal, bread, or cookies. But these are just a few of the foods that Gerry Estrera has had to teach his son Justin to avoid. The six-year-old boy has celiac disease, an inherited immune disorder, and it has sentenced him, for life, to refrain from eating anything that contains gliadin (a fraction of the gluten protein). Before an astute pediatrician diagnosed celiac disease in Justin, Gerry had never heard of the disease. Neither had his wife Sarah, although she’d had gastrointestinal and skin problems for years, symptoms of the disease.” Read more here.

New site offers alternatives for the wheat, dairy allergic

Posted by SB Anderson on October 31st, 2005

From PRweb: “Christmas is normally a difficult time of year for food allergy sufferers. While everyone else is overindulging and tucking into an array of Christmas treats, food allergy sufferers usually have to stick to a regime of doing without. The new online food service,, launched in April of this year, stocks nearly 400 products for people with food allergies. The key aim of the business is to bring allergy sufferers choice and convenience. Their Christmas Aisle has such treats as wheat and gluten free gravy mix, stuffing, mince pies, Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings and dairy and sugar free custard and chocolate.” Read more here.

British-brewed gluten-free ale wets celiacs’ whistles

Posted by SB Anderson on October 31st, 2005

From the UK’s Drinks Business Review Online: “Created by one of the UK’s smallest brewers, Hambleton Ales, GFA [Gluten-free ale] will give Britain’s 750,000 celiac sufferers the chance to enjoy a traditional ale.” Read the details here.

Blogging break

Posted by SB Anderson on October 25th, 2005

My apologies for the lull in posts, but a death in my family (not allergy related) will keep me from the computer until early next week. At that time, I promise to update the blog with all the latest news, research and advice I can find.

In the meantime, have a safe and spooky Halloween! — Rose

Increase in celiac disease: real or myth?

Posted by SB Anderson on October 24th, 2005

From Australia’s “New research has confirmed that the perceived high prevalence of wheat allergies is, to a large degree, an urban myth. To refute claims that wheat-based foods are a major trigger in allergic reactions, Go Grains supported an international research review of more than 30 years of studies.” Read more here.

NOTE: If you think you or a loved one is afflicted by celiac disease, get tested by a reputable physician.

New cookbook eliminates the top eight allergens

Posted by SB Anderson on October 24th, 2005

From an press release: “… Allergy-free cooking crusader and expert home chef Cybele Pascal has written The Whole Foods Allergy Cookbook: 200 Gourmet and Homestyle Recipes for the Food Allergic Family, the first cookbook to eliminate all eight allergens responsible for 90 percent of food allergies from every single recipe. Chocked full of recipes for delicious baked goods, crispy salads, colorful soups, hearty dinners, mouthwatering desserts, and healthy after school snacks, this book helps guide food allergy sufferers and concerned parents and caregivers of food allergic individuals through the process of procuring and preparing safe, fantastic food for home, school, and parties.” Read the details here.